Been shooting a lot of film lately. Here are a few shots from the past week or so. 


So if you follow me on any other social media accounts, chances are that you have seen this kid. HIs name is Cody and he is a pretty rad photographer I have know since college. I was able to convince him to stop by in Tennessee and help us with some projects at Tennessee Tech.

This is his mandatory first day of school portrait taken with my fave 35mm non-portrait lens that I love to use for portraits.

Look for more from him here as he blogs WAY more than me.

Granville, TN:

Live Radio Show on Saturday nights at the Sutton General Store. This week’s guest was Valley Grass. 


Finally having a chance to look at some of the snaps from the Fuji X100s I took to Italy two months ago… Rather liked that little camera.

Shot this a while back when The Fray came to Tennessee Tech.

Carter - Houston, TX

Calangianus, Sardania, Italy:

Tomasino Corda, my third cousin.

Tomato Fest:

Its Bike Week

Two more artist portraits to add to the files. Pictured are Ellie Richards and Chad Cully.

Tennessee Gov. Haslan 

Brigadier General Terry M. “Max” Haston visited us the other day in this sweet ride…


A student places a scaled replica of a jet into a wind tunnel.

Holga Fun